Agriculture Drone crop sprayer for sale - Benoni

Monday, 28 December 2015

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City: Benoni, Gauteng
Offer type: Sell
Price: R 145,000


Contact name Soh
Phone 0817858112

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Agriculture Drone crop sprayer for sale
1. Low Cost - Crop spraying via Unmanned Helicopter / Drone eliminates many normally accepted cost factors when using traditional aircraft spray application techniques.
2. Easy Operation - Crop Spraying with our Unmanned Helicopter / Drone does not need a runway, it can take off vertically. An SAPU system has been installed, which effectively lowers the operation difficulty and the risks. Flying at low altitude of several meters, the crop-spraying can be controlled in any the sight of distance range. It is suitable for all kinds of complex terrain, crops and plantations of varying heights. Precise and accurate crop spraying is achieved by our trained staff to ensure the best coverage and application of your fertilizers or pesticides on your lands.
3. High-efficiency Crop Spraying - Crop Spraying with our Unmanned Helicopter, can spray about 1,333M2 per minute with fine spray uniformity and good pulverization. Its take-off weight is 35kg, with payload of 10kg of pesticide or fertilizer, 7 m/sec flying speed, 3 meters spraying width of pesticide or fertilizer. It can spray for 8-10 minutes per each loading and about 10,667 M2 farmlands per each takeoff and landing.
4. Excellent Crop Spraying Results - UAV crop spraying utilizes the strong downward rotating airflow to flip and shake the crops when spraying, it creates a turbulent area above the crops below. The crop spray coverage is very uniform and only partial pesticide is sprayed on the back of stem and leaf, the quality of crop spraying of which the manpower and other crop spraying equipment cannot achieve. It is the cyclone under the rotors of the helicopter that is concentrated and powerful, it is utilized to form a layer of membrane through the fluff surface of the plants to kill the pests uniformly and effectively by utilizing the ultra-fine pulverization spraying.
5. Environmentally-Friendly - The percentage of pesticide used is reduced, so it can minimize the pollution to the environment and crops. It is not harmful to the operator who remains in the distance when spraying, all resulting in the labor costs for application being reduced dramatically.
6. Additionally, if it is attached with a real time image transmission system, farmers will have added benefits of detecting crops and decide exactly where should be treated specifically .
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